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Improve Air Flow With Duct Cleaning!

Our standard pricing is based per furnace unit (not sq. ft. like some others… ahem). This service helps rid your system of debris, allergens, irritants, and odor.

Extend The Life of Your Furnace!

Winter is almost over and your furnace has been working hard. We will be there to get your equipment ready for hibernation during the summer months.

Is Your Unit Ready For Summer?

Is your AC ready to spring into action? Make sure it’s performing at its peak during those hot summer days (before you discover it called in sick the first day of summer).



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Deals To Help Lower The Cost of Furnace and AC Replacement


We know the cost of replacing furnace and AC equipment can be unpredictable. At Divine HVAC, our goal is to help you repair your equipment if possible. If the furnace or AC replacement is necessary, we help you navigate the lowest cost options.

As Chicago natives, we deeply understand the strain and challenges that furnaces and AC units experience with the seasonal shifts. Our maintenance and tune-up services help extend the life and effectiveness of your heating and cooling equipment. 

While these deals are too hot not to grab, the prices listed assume your equipment has been maintained regularly and installed correctly. Exclusions may apply but transparent pricing will always be provided prior to your service.